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“A Good Chick To Know proved to be a valuable asset in the recent sale of a client’s property. Through their design and staging expertise they were able to create a welcoming and unique ambiance for target buyers. Their excellent work contributed to a sale price in excess of $80,000 over the asking price in less than two weeks.”
— Julie Miller, Prudential Sussex Realty/ Julie Miller Personal Real Estate Corporation
“Overall, your sense of style is your greatest attribute, but on a simply practical level your knowledge of and relationships with decor stores and ability to source particular items is incredibly valuable. It would have taken me a lifetime [and substantially more money] to find so many wonderful pieces, and they still wouldn’t have looked half as good.”
— Melanie Pump, Financial Controller
“I’ve used A Good Chick To Know... twice... and I plan on never removing them from my speed dial. Am I rich? Hell no. Actually, I’ve never seen my money stretch further when it comes to investing in my style and image. I make a modest living, and knowing what I know now, I will never turn back - I’ve seen the errors of my ways. Like a hairdresser - I could cut my own hair, but a hairdresser will make me look beautiful. Like my taxes, I could do them myself, but an accountant will do a better job. Like investing in your personal style - I could attempt it - but these Chicks will do it better. It’s a small investment for a huge reward. I can’t say enough great things about [the Chicks] - I owe them so much more than what I paid them. I heart them!”
— Bernadette Giet, Founder of Wealthy Wilma
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