When you’re setting the stage for the ultimate soiree, the details you choose as a host will set the tone for the event. With last week’s Designer Files, we chatted about the importance ofa stellar tabletop for fresh entertaining. Equally as important in creating the ambiance of your event is lighting. While I love discussing traditional interior light sources (admittedly, I’m a total sucker for a statement lamp), one of the hottest ways to introduce light to your night this year is the fireplace.

Last week design superstar Amanda Forrest hit Vancouver to host an event in collaboration with Dimplex to showcase some of the freshest designs the line has to offer. Held at local go-to for fireplaces, Fireplaces Unlimited (1991 Main Street), Amanda unveiled this year’s most innovative designs and how she loves to work them into any space. While fireplaces may seem out-of-bounds for those of us in condos or rentals, the event shed light on a number of options that are easy to install and electric (read: permit/ strata/ landlord approval free). For this week’s Five Finds, I’m sharing my top five standouts from the event, both for indoor and outdoor entertaining. 

1. The Dimplex Opti-Myst:
One of the big showstoppers from the preview event was the Opti-Myst. From first glance it appears to look like a natural smouldering flame, this electric piece surprises as it is actually a water based flame. The unit uses water to illuminate, and as the mist rises through the bed, light reflects against the water molecules to give the illusion of fire and smoke. A few drops of essential oils into the refillable water basin, and you’ve got yourself the chicest diffuser on the market!

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.02.27 AM.png

2. The Dekko Fire Bowl:
When it comes to outdoor entertaining, fire bowls are the ultimate essential. Available in a variety of sizes, concrete finishes and palettes, these lightweight, portable pieces create both ambiance and warmth. Whether for a patio party or backyard bash, the fire bowl is the spot where friends love to gather. 

3. The Dimplex Charlotte Media Console:
As a designer, I have to admit this one was my fave. The Charlotte offers everything I love in a furnishing piece: portability, flexibility and storage all wrapped up in a chic high gloss white design. Another electric option from Dimplex, the Charlotte console comes fully assembled, and not only offers the beauty of the fireplace (which can heat up to 1000 sq ft with the Multi-fire XD flame) but also open storage to display your decor vignettes. It couldn’t be simpler to make a statement with the Charlotte - its as easy as unbox, set in place and plug in.

4. The Montigo PL42 One:
New to the market, this built-in outdoor fireplace is unique as it doesn’t require venting, giving it a much more streamlined presence. The design also allows non-combustable materials to be built right to the fireplace front, rather than some traditional pieces that must have a larger metal trim for fire safety; even wood panelling can be used as the finishing surround, which has been a major design trend for fireplaces this year. 

5. The Dimplex IgniteXL:
The IgniteXL is the premium piece from the electric collection, boasting the greatest flexibility in its design. Available in a variety of lengths up to 100 inches, this sleek linear fireplace is an easy alternative to the built-in gas fireplaces yet offers the same wow-factor appeal. This piece boasts panoramic fire that can be adjusted for less flame or more flame, has multiple stone or driftwood styling options and offers LED lighting with multiple colours giving you complete control of the ambiance it sets.

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.02.16 AM.png