With the year’s most romantic day just around the corner, love is in the air and retailers are in full swing with the best swag for your sweetie. If you’re looking to get a little something for the decor-lover in your life, we’ve sourced our top five picks for setting the romantic vibe at home.

1. Follow Your Heart pillow; available at The Cross Decor & Design, 1198 Homer St. $75.

Any designer can attest that there’s no such thing as too many throw pillows, and what better way to snuggle up with a message of love than with this awesome linen toss cushion. Subtle in both size and messaging, the 100% linen pillow has a simple stitched message of “Follow Your Heart”. Sweet and to the point is where it’s at with this lovely little piece, which lends itself as a great gift for anyone on your Valentines Day list. 

2. Heart Mylar; available from Zoe Pawlak, $600.

Whether for a gift, for a client or for myself, artwork is my favourite part of decor. Specifically, local art - I love the beauty in supporting and growing the incredible art scene in Vancouver. One of the most sought after local fine artists in recent years, Zoe Pawlak has transitioned to Montreal and opened her new studio to offer her collections to the East side of the country. With an ever-growing following, Zoe’s pieces remain in constant demand here at home, and everyone (including design darling Jillian Harris, who’s home is shown here) seems to swoon for the Heart Mylar. A literal representation of the heart, the mixed media pieces offer Zoe’s signature softness with an edge of metallic detailing. Custom orders available.

3. Hay Colour Vases; available at Vancouver Special, 3612 Main St. $124 - $260.

If you opt to give the quintessential Valentines gift every girl loves to receive - beautiful fresh flowers - you can score a few extra brownie points by opting to include a stunning vase to deliver them in. Hay offers a family of coloured vases, in a number of shapes and sizes to suit whatever your bouquet needs, that bring a modern twist to the traditional glass vessel. The subtle surface detail lines add that extra little wow factor without overwhelming the main event.

4. Mini Hearts Tea Towels; available at Nineteen Ten Home, 4366 Main St. $22.

For a super functional gift that still says “I Love You”, my current fave is this sweet little heart patterned tea towel. Made from 100% cotton,  this one is easy to wash and wears beautifully; the best part is that your message of love is refreshed every time your sweetheart gets down to work in the kitchen. Definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

5. Hawkins NY Louise Brass Bowls; available at Provide Home, 1805 Fir St. $100 - $190.

 They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… well, if you’re braving putting on a romantic meal at home this Valentine’s Day, you should also consider the importance of presentation. If your current serving-ware is anything like mine and telling the tales of hand-me-downs, the Hawkins NY Louise collection has got you covered. Super simple yet ultra chic, the brass plated exteriors offer a high glam romance vibe, perfectly downplayed by the white enamel interior. Ranging from small side bowls to large serving bowls, you can choose to have the whole table or just the statement pieces giving the perfect backdrop to your culinary efforts.

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