Designer Files: Winterize your decor

I’m a bit of a décor addict. While I have my signature style, I cannot resist the temptation to swap out the “feel” of my home with changing moods, design advancements, and seasons. I always keep a true reflection of my personality in the details of my design, but the overall ambiance can– and does – shift.

For the winter season, people often focus heavily on holiday décor; it’s exhaustingly available and seems like a quick fix to give a fresh feel for the changing season. The trouble within this approach to design is that as soon as Jan. 1 (or Dec. 26 in my case) comes around, we cannot wait to rid our décor of the nostalgia of holiday-themed pieces, in search of a fresh start.

Rather than spend your décor budget on items that are specific to a particular holiday, the modern approach is to consider a “winter décor” – choosing pieces that offer a seasonal refresh to a space without limiting the longevity to one day or week. Consider working with items that add a warmth and inviting feel to your décor. Even the festiveness of the holidays can be achieved by adding in pieces with a little sparkle.

Playing with colour, texture and heavy layering are the keys to “winterizing” a space; you’re able to participate in the dressing up of your home during the season, but you end up with a design that suits your own personal style and remains chic all season long.

Here are a few pieces that I’ve seen on my style hunts that amp up the essence of Holiday, but could remain as a fab addition almost any décor, long after the festivities are through.

Tangled Web macrame wall hanging from CB2, $199:

This wall décor plays up the cozy capabilities of art for winter, while at the same time addressing the ultimately hip boho vibe that has become so coveted as we move out of 2014 and into 2015.

I love how the neutral palette allows the emphasis to remain on texture and the finer visual details; without colour to draw the eye in, we are engaged by the heavy tactile effect and asymmetrical pattern of the macrame.

This is a piece that could either act as an additional layer to any space, or stand alone as a statement within a room.

Knitted Sequins throw (ivory) from West Elm, $79:

Throw blankets have always been a designer’s secret weapon for swapping up the feel of a room; they are an easy and effective way to introduce new colourways, patterns, and textiles to suit a changing décor or season, while adding depth to the overall feel.

This blanket, inspired by the stunning traditional Moroccan wedding blankets, offers a subtle layering tool in a neutral palette, but amps up the glam side ofwinter décor with the sequins stripes. It lightly references holiday décor, yet easily translates into an upscale ambiance suitable for the full winter season.

Pods porcelain sculpture art from Peridot Décorative Homeware, $14 each:

Pretty little things with big impact are my ultimate fave when it comes to décor. When a strong statement can be delivered with a subtle piece, especially at an approachable price point, I relish the moment.

What I most love about these wall-installation pieces is their versatility – they make a stunning impact whether used individually as a hook, or grouped in a structured or organic pattern.

With a matte exterior and iridescent finish within, these eggshell-like Pods add the shimmer of the holidays without becoming overwhelming; these are pieces that not only transcend the holiday décor realm, but also have the longevity and softness to suit your space though all four seasons.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 6.25.32 PM