My Digs: Wes Purdie

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Describe your home: A 1,200 square foot, two-bedroom Yaletown condo, with a large warm living space overlooking David Lam Park and False Creek. 

Occupant: Wes Purdie, professional working downtown, married with a new baby girl. 

Major selling feature: The view of the harbour is open and unobstructed, with lots of green space and water. The space has many large windows, which makes the view visible from almost anywhere and makes the rooms feel bigger.

First thing I changed: I had the interior carpet replaced with hard wood flooring, [always a drastic improvement] and I removed the interior solarium to gain extra floorspace.

Feature I brag about: The view! It’s pretty unbeatable for an urban setting.

That one conversation piece: The views of Mt.  Baker on a clear day, and the cool refurbished coffee table.

The décor: It is a strong mix of items I already owned from my previous home, family heirlooms and new, fun pieces chosen to suit this condo. There are a lot of vintage and found items that we brought in to create some personality and warmth. Working with a designer definitely helped pull the whole look together, but still allowed for a clean, minimalist appeal.

The story behind the art/antiques/collectibles: I had a few heirloom pieces of art and furnishings that I wanted to not only use, but highlight. The dining room showcases an antique hutch and a few art pieces, so the rest of the pieces in the room were kept fairly streamlined.

Downsides: What downsides?

Neighbourhood haunts: Sciué Italian restaurant, Provence, Rodney’s Oyster Bar, and Starbucks. 

Compared to your last place: My previous place was at the Shangri-la, where it felt much more sterile and cold. This condo allowed for some warmth and a better sense of “home” for me.

Favourite apartment/house/condo activity:  Entertaining friends!  

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