My Digs: Dave Jez

Scientist Dave Jez brings mad style to his Main Street loft! Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.01.24 AM

What is it: Artworks Building (Main and 4th). This was built in 1996 as a live/work residence. I own a 740-sq. ft. south-facing loft.

Occupant (brief bio): I’m a scientist. I also spend my non-working time playing music (guitar, keyboard, vocal) and travelling.

Major selling feature: Open concept with tall ceilings and large south facing windows. I love a sense of space. Walls are my enemy!

First thing I changed: I completely gutted the place when I moved in. I relocated the kitchen from the back to the middle of the loft. This allowed for a combined kitchen and living space closer to the natural light. It won a Georgie Award.

Feature I brag about: I love the kitchen and how much counter space there is. It’s a joy to cook!

That one conversation piece: Original George Nelson UFO lights over the kitchen island. They really bring presence and a sense of warmth to the place.

The decor: I’ve juxtaposed modern and retro elements. I like the unique style of retro furniture but also appreciate the strong lines and simplicity of modern pieces. It’s a challenge to balance the two.

The story behind the art/antiques/collectibles: It’s a combination of family history and unique finds from local retro furniture stores. For example, I have a brass porthole clock that once belonged to my grandfather when he was a sailor. It was made in the 1920s and still works. I also have a couple of pieces designed by Clint at Space Lab. This includes two end tables using old pawn shop drawers from the early 1900s as well as a tripod light using Pyrex and an extended Edison bulb. Both are one of a kind and provide uniqueness to my place.

Downsides: I love playing/listening to music and wish I could do it late at night without worrying about disturbing the neighbours.

Compared to your last place: I used to live in a heritage house at 15th and Oak. It definitely had a more antique feel. I don’t think bringing modern elements into it would’ve worked. I was only renting at the time and didn’t work too hard to re-design it.

Favourite apartment/house/condo activity: Having my friends over for a party. Lots of great cheese, meats, and wine/bourbon!