Life With A Vue

This summer us Chicks had the opportunity to meet and work with the Klein Group - an awesome team of Real Estate experts who specialize in the Commercial, Residential and Marketing arms of the industry. Spearheaded by group Founder, Eugene Klein, a boutique North Vancouver mixed use development  - The Vue - was brought to life; AGCTK was brought in to create the space that would invite potential buyers "home" through the design of a two-room Presentation Centre, as well as a top floor Display Suite. Swaying away from traditional show home design, our team approached the project with a clear Vision: "Welcoming the community home to their Westcoast eclectic space at The Vue; combining style and  signifigance, The Vue offers an urban dwelling in the heart of nature. Ideal for new families, young business owners and forward-minded retirees, life at The Vue is all about the blend of details that offer a classic caliber with a design that invites the warmth of nature in". In the two-room Presentation Centre, the Chicks chose to create a living space, rather than a selling space - an area offering a design that would give the atmosphere of what “home” at The Vue looks like, and acting as an extention of the upstairs Show Suite. As we began on the Display Suite,  we designed with a particular buyer in mind, yet offered classically comfortable elegance that is appealing all around. This suite at The Vue was designed for a young family who perhaps have grown up in North Vancouver, yet spent much of their young adulthood developing their personal sense of self and style in the urban core of Vancouver. Now, as they seek a space for their own family to grow, they are returning to their roots nestled in North Vancouver’s nature; while they are excited to return “home”, they want to remain on the pulse of what is happening in the city - The Vue offers them the ideal mix of both style and nature. This Show Suite layout was designed to offer a master bedroom, a nursery or small child's room and a great room that would allow a family to live, play and entertain.

As we sourced the decor, larger furnishing pieces offered a classic quality and feel, while lighting and accessories created a hip vibe with fashion-forward undertones. We of course scoured our usual stops, ReFind (* just moved to Main + 30th and the new spot is a gem! *) and Space Lab for the vintage finds and unique pieces, Union Wood Co for some industrial elements (think: the rustic aluminum headboard) and struck it lucky at Fluff and CB2 for the traditional furnishing pieces. Stunning vintage Persian rugs were picked up at Rugs Canada (if you haven't been, it is definitely a must-stop in your hunt for the perfect area or accent rug!). Fab finds from Target and even Craigslist finished off the space. Overall, the style is summed up as Westcoast, yet is enhanced with an eclectic, layered feel that combines eras and aesthetics to create a sense of personality and the warmth of home. Huge shout outs to the awesome dudes at Big O Construction and Welcome To East Van Moving for all the help! Photos courtesy of the lovely Shannyn Higgins.


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Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.22.40 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.22.59 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 10.23.08 AMPRESENTATION CENTRE:

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