I'm on a highway to... anywhere!

A recent weekend shopping adventure in Seattle had me on the hunt for a new cool find and I finally found one that I just had to share. A perfect coffee table book, “36 hours” gives us just what we we’ve been waiting for – the excuse to get away. It’s time to pack that suitcase and hit the open road: with 150 weekends in the USA and Canada, the possibilities are pretty much endless! From sunset walks along Big Sur beaches to antiquating the streets of the Rue St-Paul in Quebec City,  36 Hours offers up something to do for every minute of your weekend getaway. If you’re feeling generous, this book makes a fab gift; give it for the holidays (69 days and counting, people!),  an anniversary present, a not-so-subtle hint to your partner, or our fave: a treat for yourself. Stunning imagery, a wicked cover (making it an easy decor piece) and super cool suggestions for each city are the trifecta that make us love it -  it's great for those spontaneous quick trips and hidden gems you don’t want to miss.

Available at your local Anthropologie or if you love to shop online, you can purchase it here.

- CJ