Newlywed, newly-designed

The Chicks heart this space and these clients! The owners of this lovely little condo are recent transplants from The Windy City, Chicago, and are the cutest newlyweds we've met. They granted us a lot of creative freedom when working to create a place for them to call home and were open to the idea of bold wall coverings (and, in this space, ceiling coverings!) and vintage elements to conquer the cookie-cutter shell they started with. We brought in the craftsmanship of Union Wood Co and DTO Welding & Fabrication to construct a custom shelving unit for the washroom that would add personality, stylish extra storage and, of course, a little rustic charm. With a plethora of super fab wallpapers from Anne Starr and Layers & Layers, we covered most of the wallspace; we opted for white-on-white patterns for the living room, bedroom and washroom ceiling, while playing with bold graphics in the office nook and washroom walls. Throw in wicked vintage finds from ReFind, Space Lab and Filmgo Sales and.. viola - you've got a true certified Chick space! Photos are courtesy of Tracey Ayton Photography.

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