Entertainment Statement

Ok, so way back in the day in May, we gave you a Sneak Peek into this space... it was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom original condition condo that The Chicks were hired to renovate and stage for sale for the ever-fabulous Dana Propp. As we told you then, the success of this "entertainer's dream" suite was largely in part due to local artist (and dear friend) Zoe Pawlak, Fluff Rentals and our fave boys to shop with: ReFind and Space Lab. We opted for a lighter, brighter and more feminine approach to this space than with previous projects, and chose wicked pieces that would accentuate the natural light and size of the unit. Thanks to Tracey Ayton, the space was captured beautifully - we certainly were ready to host a super fab party here after it was all said and done!  



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