Beautiful bees: a rad DIY

I thought it was about time for a home decor DIY. Make your home smell amazing and add that finishing touch to an empty shelf with homemade beeswax candles. I chose beeswax because it doesn't create harmful emissions, burns longer and just smells wondrous! All you need is a block of beeswax, two pots, candle wicks and a few old jam jars from the back of the cabinet. I purchased everything needed for candle making at Wicks and Wax warehouse in Burnaby, you can find them at Enjoy!
Step One! - Grab two pots, one medium and the other small. Fill up the medium pot half way with water and start to boil.
Step Two! - Break the block of wax into smaller pieces and fill up the smaller pot. Create a double boiler effect with the two pots, stir the beeswax occasionally until fully melted.
Step Three! - Get ready to pour the wax! The wax should be at about 170 degrees when pouring into your jam jar.
Step Four! - When the wax at the bottom of the jar turns white, this means its time for the wick, make sure its straight! You can even try making a double wick candle.
Step Five! - Pour yourself a cup of tea and wait a couple hours for the wax to fully harden, it will go from white to honey yellow.
Enjoy your candle!
- Chelsea Jackson