From our CTVBC News At Noon segment today: a cheap + cheerful DIY decor piece

If you saw our clip on CTV News At Noon today and want to recreate the fun book decor piece we showed, here is the step by step! It's a super easy and affordable way to add personality to your space, plus it's a great repurpose for a dusty old book. Try it yourself - we' d love to see pics of your creations! Step 1: find a hard cover book; choose a cool vintage one to add some style! Step 2: open the book leaving about 1" of pages before you make the first fold. Step 3: make one large off-centered fold, and then a smaller fold to complete the off centered triangle. *repeat this step another 4x to have thickness in the design Step 4: make your folds in the reverse direction to make the off-centered triangle lean to the other side. *repeat 4x to add depth and match the thickness of step 3 Step 5: fold you paper to make a triangle in the middle of the page. *repeat 4x to match the other 2 sections Step 6: continue repeating step 3-5 until you have about an inch of paper left on the backside of the book, to balance the book open. Step 7: viola! Now you have a super fab book ornament!