With love, from The Chicks

2011 has certainly been an amazing year for AGCTK - one filled with growth, opportunity, support and love. We have accomplished many of our goals this year and absolutely couldn't have done it without the endless support of some extra fabulous peeps. We (of course) owe a huge and heartfelt thanks to our team of Chicks - they joined us earlier this year and have been a fabulous addition; we also need to give a shout out to the local businesses that have made our journey a success so far. We're giving big props to those companies and individuals who have stood beside us during 2011... each of them have been great resources for us and would definitely be worth adding to your roster, too! Cheers to the year passed and to the one upcoming - we wish each of you and all our supporters a super fun, prosperous New Year.

THE COMMUNICATION LOFT: Kelly Aldinger:  www.communicationloft.ca

We had the good fortune of meeting Kelly, the principal and owner of The Communication Loft, through our involvement with the 2010/ 2011 CRAVE Vancouver guide. Kelly's upbeat and creative personality, alongside her experience and wicked PR skill set, made her an ideal fit for our team when we were searching for a marketing firm to work with. It's now coming up on a year working together and we couldn't be happier to have TCL on our side: features on Vitamin Daily and an ongoing relationship with CTV Morning Live are just a few of the great exposures Kelly has brought our way. Many thanks to her and the team.

VINCENT KH LEE PHOTOGRAPHY: Vincent Lee: www.ishot.ca

The Chicks feel super lucky to have met Vince at the onset of each of our careers; we had just completed our first home makeover and were on the hunt for a photographer who was starting out and looking to build an Interior Design portfolio. We were recommended to reach out to Vince and we are so glad we did - his eye for the details, the vignettes and the key little things that we pride ourselves on as designers is what sets him apart from the rest. His images always capture our work with a lens that allows us to narrate our spaces to you... Vince is not only talented, but a dream to work with - his openness to new ideas and willingness to do whatever it takes to get that "just right" shot makes it all worthwhile and is much appreciated.

ZOE PAWLAK FINE ART: Zoe Pawlak: www.zoepawlak.com

Before we even saw her work, Zoe taught us about beauty; she is a glowing soul to know and offers a positive and grateful attitude to those around her. Plus she's an ultra rad artist with a unique approach to form and colour; her work has been featured in some serious clout publications (umm, Martha Stewart Living and Design*Sponge!) and has been a huge hit with our clientele. Zoe is also co-Owner of Loaded Bow, an inspiration group of women with whom we are honoured to be associated with. As a friend and as an artist, the Chicks are grateful to have Zoe!

ANNE STARR AGENCY: www.annestarr.ca

Anne Starr has been Vancouver's premier Textile and Accessory supplier to the Interior Design trade for over 20 years - and they are also the go-to, never-fail resource for AGCTK when on the hunt for extra fab wallpaper! The team at Anne Starr is extremely accommodating to the crazy requests and deadlines that we walk in the door with, and they always manage to help us find the perfect paper with a smile.


I actually can't count the times Martin and his crew have saved our butts when it comes to last-minute painting and wallpaper install... even when he's super busy (which is always!) he manages to squeeze in our jobs and comes through with a fabulous end result. He's quick and fair and his eye for detail doesn't go unnoticed when our clients come home - honestly, wicked wallpaper is nothing without a perfect install.

REFIND HOME FURNISHINGS: Bart Taylor: www.refindhomefurnishings.com

I'd say that getting to know Bart and being a regular shopper at ReFind has been fun, except that "fun" absolutely doesn't cover it. Hilarious, entertaining and inviting, all mixed together with a guaranteed successful hunt for cool pieces might be more accurate. Bart has created a welcoming and enjoyable environment for people to shop for mid century, antique and unique finds and prides himself on his "customers always leave happy" approach to business. Without his ever-changing and seemingly-endless supply of stellar furniture and accessory pieces, we would not have been able to create the spaces that we have. And we certainly wouldn't have had so much fun doing it.

SPACE LAB: Clint Moroz: www.space-lab.tumblr.com

Space Lab is the ultimate destination for treasure hunting... obscure, industrial, unexpected items that somehow come to life here as the next rad thing to have in your home; a wicked book collection on everything from art and design to comics to history; cool old cameras and accessories mixed in with vintage science and medical bits; an impressive selection of old school record players, stereos and speakers (read: there's always great tunes offered as the soundtrack to your shopping); then there's of course the art and furniture and (hands down my vote for the best) lighting, both vintage and custom. Clint's eye for the enigmatic has cultured a shop that lets you find exactly that piece you didn't know you were looking for.

THE EAST VAN - WELCOME TO EAST VAN: www.welcometoeastvan.com/the-east-van

We met the boys of The East Van moving on a recent project; we needed movers on short notice and had been eyeing up the company's cool van around the city for awhile. We rang them up and immediately knew that we loved 'em. Super friendly, accommodating and fairly priced was the trifecta that caught our attention and will keep our loyalty - these are some seriously rad dudes with an inspiring focus on community. When they're not moving, they're motivating positive change in East Van; check them out and, if you love them as much as we do, you can pick up some cool East Van  swag at Sharks + Hammers in Gastown.

CHERYL STEBBINGS DECOR & DESIGN: Cheryl Stebbings: www.cherylstebbingsdesigns.com

At the onset of her design career, we had a chance to have Cheryl work with us on a few big projects; her love for beautiful decor and outgoing personality made her a blast to work with. Now with her own company, Cheryl is taking the Staging and Event Styling world by storm - we wish her tons of success and know she's going to rock the industry!

We also owe many great finds to some of our favourite home furnishing and decor shops in the city: Mint Interiors, Zientte and NOOD have all been huge supporters of AGCTK and do their best to make our needs a priority (and a reality!). They each offer unique pieces that you won't find anywhere else.