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AGCTK had a super fun time working with Anya (@imtheitgirl) from Vitamin Daily (@vanvitamindaily) on her closet recently; over an afternoon of steamers and irons, flying clothes, boxes, coffee and good 'ol girly chit-chat, we revamped her overstuffed closet (full of seriously wicked clothes, we might add!) into the organized and polished space it deserved to be. We used colour- and season-blocking, alongside ultra-thin hangers and storage boxes, to whip her closet space into shape and let her pretty things shine. Now every chic bag, accessory and garment has a place to call home, easy to find so that - even when Anya's not strutting them around town - they still look extra fab hanging up waiting their turn. Check out Anya's post-closet-revamp article on The Chicks in today's Vitamin Daily feature: