Hide and seek: stunning stackable tableware

While totally comfortable in my roles as designer, entrepreneur, Mama and style-seeking-treasure-hunter, one "title" that I am still working on is Domestic Goddess. I have many lovely friends that make cooking and serving incredible meals look super easy and oh-so-chic... try as I might, most of my results from a day slaved away in the kitchen are less than lackluster. Chalk it up to not being able to follow a recipe (who said that cookbook could tell me what to do?!?), I don't know. However, I think I may have found my secret weapon: Ibride of France stackable dinnerware; if my meals could be set upon the table in these ultra cool works of art (literally) my guests would surely be impressed... don't they always say that presentation is everything? When fully assembled this tableware transforms itself into a gorgeous vase-like accessory for the home,  yet when in use it turns into a set of plates, bowls and serving dishes with fabulous hand painted art on each piece! Seriously, function + fabulous style: what more can a girl ask for in the kitchen? (well, besides that whole 'food tasting good' thing) So whether you are looking for an eye-catching decor item or a full serving ensemble for the shamelessly small kitchen, this is totally the wedding/ hostess gift of the year! Definitely the time to implement that old saying "One for you, one for me"... Available at Mint Interiors, prices ranging from $195 to $265 for a set.