(Stylish) shelter from the storm

Out and about during an ultra-gross snow/ rain storm (the hair and shoe wrecking kind, ugh!), the Chicks were looking for a place to grab a coffee, warm up and dry off in-between shops. Lucky for us, we happened upon the newly opened Cafe Bica located at 1809 Fir Street, Vancouver (at 2nd ave). While we were delighted with the incredible coffee and delicious goodies (the chocolate oatmeal cookies were irresistible), we were mostly taken with the decor. It was a slightly industrial-meets-modern take on a Parisian bistro and we were loving it. Cozy nooks to read and gossip were adorned with an eclectic mix of art, while oversized metal chandeliers shed light on the family-style farm table; the counter was super chic - a custom white oak block - and was perfectly balanced by the matching bar and iron stools. Whether you are looking for a treat for your design-loving eyes or your tummy, Cafe Bica is sure to impress.