Ohhhh, Maxwell!

This is it: I have met my match, the love of my life, all that I have been longing for... rugged-yet-polished, strong and masculine, offers unmatched comfort yet awakens a desire to get him home as fast as I can. No, I am not talking about a man, I am talking about (and dreaming about and loving) the Maxwell leather couch from Restoration Hardware. As much as I have a serious affection for furniture and spend most days seeking out fabulous pieces, I must admit that I have never been drawn to one piece - unable to stop myself from uncouthly stretching out on it right in the store - as I was with this couch. With a substantial length of 108" (although available in smaller sizes for those who are spatially-challenged), this beautiful mammoth of a sofa drew me in with it's 46" depth - without trying I was curled up and totally supported by it's down-filled, pillow-like cushions. Offered in a variety of leather stains, I would be hard pressed to choose between the more traditional Saddle tone or the darker, richer Glove... if I had my way I would take both! (Who says a girl has to choose??) I would seriously recommend checking Maxwell out for yourself - you might just find yourself quoting the infamous Meg-induced "I'll have what she's having"... I'm just saying.