The Science of Style

Funny thing how timing and cool finds and trends all fit together. A few weeks ago I was with a friend of mine who told me that he came upon a complete vintage chemistry set; despite his enthusiasm, my first thought was Seriously? Science jars? - but his creative wheels were turning faster than mine and he saw them as wicked treasures to sell in his hip Main Street shop, Space Lab. Admittedly somewhat irritated that he was stoked about a fun find that I couldn't initially see, I've had these retro chem bits in the back of my mind ever since, sorting out unique ways they could be used. Just the other morning, (before I came up with anything brilliant), I received an online CB2 newsletter that was featuring [insert "ta-da" here]: science-lab-inspired beakers and test tubes as fresh new display pieces for the modern home. Try using them as vases or candleholders as shown by CB2 for a prettier, geek-meets-chic feel, or group a few on your counter or desk for a more industrial take on storage. How does that line go... "I once was blind but now I see" (or something like that?)...regardless, I'm a skeptic-turned-fan of these science-y ways to incorporate the unexpected into your decor. Check out the finds - you can order online from CB2 ( or shop local at Space Lab, 1847 Main Street, Vancouver (