Flying high in style

As I prep to head out of town for the weekend for a dear friend's wedding (side note: this will also be my one-year-old daughter, Sienna's, first ever flight... wish me luck!) I am faced with the seemingly impossible task of packing "light". I honestly don't even know what that means. How does a girl decide what she will feel like wearing days in advance? Ridiculous. And what if those shoes just don't feel right with that outfit come the day I am supposed to wear them? Terrible dilemma. Much to the dismay of my husband - and everyone in the line behind me - I am often the girl with the overweight bag trying to shift items between suitcases and carry-ons (which I think should be renamed "drag-push-pull-ons", am I supposed to be able to carry that bag?!?) to be allowed on the plane. Do I like killing myself trying to get all those bags around between cars, planes, hotels? Hell no! But I simply haven't found a way to bring all my necessities (yes, necessities - this includes a few outfit/ shoe options for each day) with me without breaking the luggage scale... and the luggage. Until today! Over my morning coffee/ scour over Vitamin Daily ( I saw a post on a company that sells fun, fashionable and extra smart accessories to save you from the afore-mentioned travel woes. Fabulous! Flight 001 ( has most definitely come to my rescue - forget a knight in shining armour, give me the F1 SpacePak! I am totally in love with the Sushi Roll Luggage Tag and the Mandarin Expandable bag... and the vintage camera case... and just about everything else. These folks have thought of it all and both my suitcase and I are super grateful.